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Welcome to VanderMeer Creative’s fine line of #TheTraitorJesseBun products. Jesse Bun is well-known on twitter as the yard rabbit of Ann and Jeff VanderMeer in Tallahassee, Florida. Ann is a Hugo-Award-winning editor and Jeff is the NYT-bestselling author of the Southern Reach Trilogy.

In honor of Jesse Bun and all of the wealth of animals living in the ravine behind their house, the VanderMeers are donating all proceeds from sales of Jesse Bun products to the St. Francis Wildlife Association (est. 1978). This wildlife rescue non-profit serves the Big Bend area and saves thousands of animals each year. With encroaching development and more roads, this is critical. Especially as North Florida is a biodiversity hot spot. You can help them save a red-shouldered hawk or baby bunny, an injured box turtle or an orphaned barred owl. Foxes, deer, bald eagles. Feathered, furred, or scaled—they all get a second chance to live wild and free. They truly do good works.

Check out the exploits of #TheTraitorJesseBun at that hashtag on twitter and Facebook. Thanks for your support!